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Chic-fil-A Receipts for Preschool

Don’t forget to save your receipts from the Cranberry or Wexford Chick-fil-A. Any amount and any date counts. The Zelienople Preschool receives a percentage of the total amount spent on each order. Also consider Chick-fil-A if you cater an office lunch or event. Those receipts really help our credits add up quickly. Proceeds will go toward their end-of-the-year celebration and other treats for the kids throughout the year. If you use the app, you can print our your transaction for credit. The stickers on the outside of the bags are also valid. There is a container on the Communications Table to deposit your receipts, and one downstairs to the far left of the preschool door. They collect the receipts all year long. Thank you for your support of the Zelienople Preschool!


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