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Education is central to being a Presbyterian. The Presbyterian tradition values the importance of helping people to think for themselves so that they can form a relationship with Christ in a unique and personal way.


We are not a tradition that tells people what they must think. Instead, we help people by teaching them about God–the Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit–and helping them learn how to bring God into every part of their lives.


The Adult Education program on Sunday mornings, during Vacation Bible School, and periodically offering special classes, always focuses on being both informative and formative. We offer information that gives you a better understanding of Christian thought, but we also focus on teaching in a way that helps form your life.

We don’t want to just give you information. We want you to deepen as well. Join us as we grow together in learning about God.

Typical Topics from the past include:

  • Understanding the Gospel of John.

  • The Mystical Approach to Faith

  • Healing

  • Creating Healthy Relationships

  • What Is Heaven

  • Listening to God

  • Understanding Paul

  • Prayer

  • Heroes of the Bible

  • Old Testament vs. New Testament God

  • Much more.... 


10:00 -
10:45 AM




Can't Join Us?

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