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Worship Schedule

8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Worship Services

Calvin Presbyterian Church is intentionally multi-generational, meaning that we offer music, preaching, prayer, sacraments, and more that are designed to touch people of all ages.


Our worship is also different from most churches because we are pioneers in what is called “integrative” worship--intentionally integrating elements from many different traditions to create a unique mixture:


  • We offer music that ranges from traditional and classical to Christian contemporary, jazz, blues, folk, experimental, and more. We believe that the music we offer should reflect the breadth and depth of all kinds of musical influences.


  • We have integrated worship elements from traditional Presbyterian styles, to Taizé, Quaker, Roman Catholic, Contemporary, and more. We look for elements of worship that are designed to inspire people, and to lead people to a tangible experience of and encounter with Christ and the Holy Spirit.


  • We help people experience God in worship by offering a unique combination of song, praise, prayer, silence, sacrament, inspiration and word. Above all, our focus is in on helping you discover God’s presence with you in worship.


  • We offer child care during both services for children five and younger.

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