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Covenants are an important part of forming a deep and true faith. The Bible is full of covenants from those made with Noah, Abraham, and David, to the new covenant of love, reconciliation, and blessing God made with us through Jesus Christ. The new covenant of Christ says that God promises to love us so much that nothing can separate us from the love of God. 


By becoming a member of Calvin Presbyterian Church, you are entering a covenant. God is promising to guide, teach, and nurture you spiritually through the life and mission of the church, but God requires a commitment from you. Are you willing to make a commitment to God by becoming a member of this church? 


By becoming a member of Calvin Presbyterian Church, you are making a commitment to serve God as part of this spiritual family. You are recognizing how important God is in your life, and you are promising to respond to God’s love by becoming part of the life of Calvin Church where you can worship, pray, learn, love, and serve. You are part of a covenant of membership between God and Calvin Church. 

The following covenant is a statement to this church and God that you take your faith seriously and that you have chosen to deepen that faith as part of the spiritual family of Calvin Presbyterian Church. 


1. I feel led by the Holy Spirit to become part of the Calvin Church family, and I have chosen Calvin Presbyterian Church as a home to worship God, deepen my faith, and serve God in mission. So, I agree:


  • To listen for how God wants me to be a part of the Calvin Church spiritual family, and to respond to the best of my abilities;

  • To make God the center of my life, and to participate in the life of Calvin Church in a balanced way not serving out of guilt or compulsion, but out of love listening always for what God wants me to do. 


2. As part of the Calvin Church family, I promise to be committed to the life of the church by: 

  • Praying regularly for the church, the church staff, the mission of the church, for my friends and family, and for myself; 

  • Making worship the center of my spiritual life and attending worship regularly;

  • Making spiritual growth a priority in my life by engaging in personal and communal study and reflection; 

  • Serving God in the church by trying to discover what gifts I can contribute to the mission of Calvin Presbyterian Church; 

  • Attending congregational meetings and becoming part of decision-making of the church; 

  • Realizing that Calvin Church exists in the real world and faces the same realities any family faces, and so contributing financially to foster the mission of the church. 


3. Knowing that strong relationships can only be built upon God’s love, I promise: 

  • To protect the unity of Calvin Presbyterian church by acting in love toward other members and following the leadership of the church; 

  • To speak directly, honestly, and lovingly with others when I disagree with them (including the church leaders), and always searching for ways to foster love and reconciliation in times of disagreement;

  • To always ask the question, “What is God seeking for Calvin Church and for me,” whenever I am confused or uncertain about a church matter;

  • To above all seek God’s love and God’s way for Calvin Church, my relationships, and me

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