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Team Goals

The goal of each ministry team at Calvin is not only to organize and facilitate the work of the church, but to be a group that listens for what God is calling us to do in these particular areas of the church.  An important part of what ministry teams do includes making prayer and listening to God part of the process.  They should be central to the team's efforts.

Work of the Ministry Teams

Each Team acts as a supervisory group rather than as a task group.  In other words, each committee decides what tasks it will take on and what it will delegate.  This is always a difficult determination by team leaders because the tendency is often to “do it ourselves” because we don’t want to intrude on others, or we simply don’t know who to ask to help with a project.  Still, if all the members of the church are called to serve God and be servants, then as leaders it is our responsibility to share with the opportunities to serve.  We need to remember that as leaders, our calling is to call others within the church to serve. 

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