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Adult Education During Lent

Join us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. during Lent for our Adult Education class led by Pastor Ron and Sue Johnson.

Breathing Under Water by Richard Rohr A Lenten Journey Exploring Spirituality and the 12 Steps From Freedom Online

We all suffer from unhealthy dependencies that we continually return to in hopes of having a better life. But after yet another TV show is streamed or another drink is swallowed, we find we once again feel worse, not better, than we did before. Where is the hope for that fully awakened life we long to live?

World-renowned author Richard Rohr says we can only be healed and find true fulfillment by facing our dependencies head-on. In Breathing Under Water he will guide you to:

  • Disentangle from cultural cycles of sin and emptiness

  • Discover how to get free from your personal toxic dependencies

  • Learn how the Twelve Step program can supplement Christian teaching

  • Find compassion for others and yourself

  • Enjoy a deeper spiritual life, feeling certain of God's love for you

Those who are ready to break negative patterns and experience greater internal freedom will find bold hope and transformation in this insightful book.

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