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Task Force COVID-19 Update


We pray all is well with you and yours. Calvin’s Coronavirus Task Force (CCTF) continues to meet via Zoom Video Conference and wants to update you on our discernment of God’s will for Calvin. First, I want to thank our CCTF for their prayerful diligence. Second, we would like to thank our Session, they have empowered CCTF by trusting them and adapting to changes on the fly. Each of these leaders are not only rock stars in their own right, but the way they have done God’s work together is inspiring and reassuring. The following are bullet points of where we’re at:

1) Calvin’s Online Worship engagement continues to be INSPIRING! We averaged 324 worshipping with Calvin in March and 492 worshipping with us in April, that’s 1.6 and 2.5 times, respectively, an average worshipping attendance of 200! If you’re like me and enjoy “geeking out” on the numbers, see the notes on the back of Personnel and Finance’s enclosed letter.

2) Calvin has stepped up and her giving is now in the black; she’s accumulated a comfortable Emergent Needs Fund so she can respond to and meet member and community needs when it is needed (please contact Connie or David if you are in need). Calvin has stretched and grown in ways that have made her very accessible, attractive and accommodating to the human needs of those God has placed in her life. This has affirmed that while we may not know what the future holds, we do know Who holds our future! Calvin, her neighbors and God thank you for your continued service and generosity.

3) Calvin’s physical doors will remain closed; her service will continue! Calvin is a warm, hugging, singing congregation that doesn’t do anything half throttle! All of this and all of the research CCTF has digested leads us to assert that Calvin will not be opening her physical doors to worship together in the sanctuary in May, likely June and possibly the month thereafter. Simply put, we’re putting on the brakes to reopening because COVID-19 loves warm, hugging, singing people. Rest assured, we will continue to make every effort to keep Calvin, her members and her neighbors engaged, alleviate their stress, and share with all the abundant life Christ came to give us.

Godspeed (on behalf of CCTF)!

Rev. A. David Paul, M.S., M.Div.


Calvin Coronavirus Task Force

Sandy Beahm, MSW

Dr. David English, MD

Vicky English, PT

Donna Galbraith, ER RN

Rev. A. David Paul, MS, MDiv

Jennifer Paul, NICU RN

Dr. Peter Sylves, DO


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