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TWOP Films for Spiritual Formation

TWOP Films for Spiritual Formation

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Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be using The Work of the People’s (TWOTP) visual liturgy films to go deeper into our spiritual growth this Lent. You can find a link and description of TWOTP after the schedule, please check them out. Each session will feature a film, scripture, poetry, a reflection reading and questions to be discussed by group.

3/13 — Film: Away From Home led by Rev. A. David Paul

3/20 — Film: Oasis led by Elder Lisa Buechele (chair Spiritual Nurture)

3/27 — Film: Leaving Ourselves at the Altar led by Rev. A. David Paul 

4/3 — Film: Watering Dry Bones led by Rev. A. David Paul 

The Work of the People is a spiritual visual library and virtual sanctuary for a growing community of people from all walks of life. Some of us have found it difficult to keep our faith when there wasn’t a place to hold our pain or grief. When there wasn't a place to groan while our wounds healed. When there wasn’t space for honest dialogue about transformation and how hard and disruptive it is. Over the years, TWOTP has become a safe place to discover our humanity and divinity, a place of inquiry about God and being human. A place to grow in empathy and compassion, to share heart. A place to explore and evolve with the rest of creation-kind.

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