"Finding Myself in the Story of Race"


This is the story in which we find ourselves, the story of race. What is race anyway? It’s a centuries-old construct that no one really wants to admit is a problem, let alone spend weeks talking about. It predates the Revolutionary War and founding of this great nation. It has been twisted and politicized almost beyond recognition; no party can claim to be innocent from its propagation. 


We feel like we’ve come a long way, like it’s a lot better than it used to be, and it very well may be. And yet recent events have thrust it into our family rooms, our workplaces, our screens. It is a very divisive issue that has the potential to tear friends, families and faith apart. Nothing could be farther from the will of the One who broke into our lives, tasted our delicacies, danced to our music and was hung on a cross because he stood up to the wrongs of his church, the misunderstandings of the mainstream, and the atrocities of the authorities. Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story. He rose so that with him, we too can rise. He rose so that all of his beloved children may live the abundant life. He rose so that we may all be of one heart and one mind in sharing his unconditional, nonjudgmental love with every corner of the world and everyone God positions in our lives. 

This study on “Finding Myself in the Story of Race” has been prayerfully designed to start faithful, honest and liberating conversations. It is not designed to change anyone’s point of view or transform anyone’s heart; that is God’s work, we’ll leave that up to God’s Spirit. It is however a tour through the biblical and historical realities of race. It will ask difficult yet necessary questions about where we are today, and ultimately where God desires us to be. 




Large Group Leaders:  Ralph Lowe, Doug Tilton, A. David Paul

Small Group Leaders: TBA - In Process of Discernment



Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debbie Irving


Waking Up White PC(USA) Curriculum

Thoughtful Christian Curriculum for biblical and historical aspects. 

Media (films and documentaries aligned with each week’s curriculum)




Mixture of Small Group and Large Group meetings. 

The Small Groups will meet weekly and when it best fits their schedules. 

The Large Groups will meet every two to three weeks on Sundays after worship.

During weeks 4, 8 and 11 (highlighted) the topics will be the focus of Worship and discussed later that Sunday in a Large Group (normally coffee hour):

  1. Waking Up White p. 1-26 (Media: Hidden Figures)

  2. Waking Up White p.27-60 (Media: Remember The Titans)

  3. Waking Up White p.61-92 (Media: The Green Book)

  4. Why Is It So Difficult To Talk About Racism? (Media: Crash)

  5. Waking Up White p.93-112 (Media: 42)

  6. Waking Up White p.113-156 (Media: The Great Debaters)

  7. Waking Up White p.157-184 (Media: Rat Film)
  8. Racism 101 (Media: The Hate You Give [THUG])
  9. Waking Up White p.185-216 (Media: Selma)
  10. Waking Up White p.217-245 (Media: American Son)

  11. The Bible and Racism 1 (Media: 12 Years a Slave)

      November 29 Advent 1    When They See Us (series 1-4)



Small Groups are welcome to meet via Zoom, via Hybrid at Calvin, or at individuals’ homes according to current CCTF guidelines. 

Large Groups will be meeting via a Hybrid of Zoom and in person at Calvin according to current CCTF guidelines. 



With a pinch of patience, a dash of diligence, a lot of prayer and only by the grace of God! 

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