Searching for A New Pastor

November 15, 2018



A representative of Beaver-Butler Presbytery’s Ministry and Vocation Committee (MVC) will meet with the church council/session Tuesday, November 20th to explain the process and timetable leading the church to elect a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). 


This action, in many ways, is the culmination of my interim work. I’ve followed a process that invites a congregation to reflect on it's identity and where it’s headed. Interim ministry assumes that the changes that occur once the installed Pastor leaves relationships change, priorities change, new leadership emerges. Reflecting on those changes often leads to a new vision for the future, and this vision is one which the new Pastor will equip the people to fulfill.


Change is hard and, for some, painful. Not everyone likes to be self-reflective. We can discover some things about ourselves we don’t like or that we’d, frankly, rather not change. Few of us celebrate our warts or bad habits and congregations are no different. Our Christian faith has at it's heart a profound change called resurrection. We affirm that life can rise out death. Now, if  THAT isn’t change, I don’t know what is.


The sometimes unbearable work of the Interim Pastor is to hold up a mirror to the congregation so they can see themselves (if they dare look) as who they really are and invite them to change. That’s not to say that all congregations have warts but all have some imperfection ‘cause they’re made up of people, and people…. are people.


Electing a Pastor Nominating Committee is just step one. Forms needs to be completed, resumes (Personal Information Form) need to be reviewed, conversations need to be held. God has in mind a match for Calvin Church and the PNC’s job is to look for the person God is calling NOT the person they want.


Please be in meditation about the search for a new Pastor. Pray without ceasing as the apostle Paul would write. And when the time is right, give thanks without ceasing.



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