Making Better Decisions

June 20, 2018


None of us can truly know what the future will bring, and few of us are any good at predicting the future. Apart from TV "mediums" that is. (Ahem.) Wouldn't it be nice if we could make better decisions that impacted the future?


A recent article in the Harvard Business Review suggests there are three ways we can improve our decision making. All three attempt to bypass our normal mental (cognitive) biases–tricks our brains play on us without our knowledge.


We humans have brains that function without our control in many, many circumstances.

1.) We should be less certain about what we know (or what we think we know). Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman notes that we tend to be overconfident which gets us in trouble with our decision-making.

2.) We should base our decision-making on actual incidences versus wishful thinking. Data driven decisions can be more effective.
3.) We ought to know some basics about probability. "How often or frequently does this happen therefore how probable is it this will happen for me?"


We want to believe we have all the answers, that the way we've done things in the past proves they'll work in the future (sound familiar?), and our intuition is always right. Problem is... we humans have brains that function without our control in many, many circumstances. The anecdote: using external feedback/sources and relying on our "knowledge" less.

As this church discerns where it's being led, data about the community, trends in the community, and information about the trends in Calvin church will be crucial to making decisions about the future.

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