Women's Hybrid Devotional Group

The group will be meeting in hybrid fashion throughout the summer on Tuesdays until August 23rd. The group meets from 9:30–10:30 a.m. on Tuesday mornings. If you are interested in joining for just one of the sessions or for the summer please contact Marie.l.Campbell@icloud.com. Someone brings a computer to the Calvin Conference room and if that is not possible the group meets that Tuesday via the Zoom format.

June 28 — Praying with Martin Luther July 5 — Praying with the Pilgrim July 12 — Praying with John Calvin July 19 — Praying with Ignatius of Loyola July 26 — Praying with St. Teresa of Avila

August 2nd — Praying with the Puritans August 9th — Praying with the Cloud of Unknowing August 16th — Praying with Agnes Sanford August 23rd — Praying with Andrew Murray