Important Message About Worship

Just a quick message that we’re no longer concerned that we’re spiking the ball on the 10-yardline, we’ve crossed the goal line and scored a touchdown! We’re just waiting for the official review before we put the points on the scoreboard. Lousy analogies aside we’re chomping at the bit that the CDC and Governor have released new, less restrictive mask guidelines! These guidelines were released so late in the week that it left us next to no time to gather, digest the guidelines, consider the intricacies and discern God’s will for Calvin moving forward. Thus, for this coming Sunday, Calvin’s guidelines are status quo. We anticipate that the following Sunday, May 23rd, Calvin will worship like she hasn’t in more than an entire year!

Please keep in mind that we have four (4) options for worship that have been painstakingly designed and prayerfully discerned over the past year to temporarily meet everyone’s needs:

  1. 9am Sanctuary, fully vaccinated/immune, with masks, distancing and cantor singing only;

  2. 11am Outdoor, masks recommended, all are welcome with congregational singing;

  3. 11am Parking lot FM broadcast (weather permitting); and

  4. Online Worship, at Anytime, with Anyone, from Anywhere.

Your prayerful support for the new normal Calvin will be living into are cherished more than our words can ever express.