From Here to There

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."

It's almost trite to repeat that. You and I have heard it countless times. And despite the fact that we've stumbled, wandered, and fallen in our pursuit of life, we all too often don't have a map to lead us or a clue as to where we ought to be going. One of the translations of the Hebrew shuv is "repent." More literally, "change direction." Huh.

In over twenty years of working with congregations in transition (pastor takes new call, pastor retires, pastor gets booted, congregation runs out of steam), the number one challenge I've witnessed in congregations is lack of vision or... uncertainty as to where they're headed. Out of fear, or anger, or confusion, they take the path of least resistance. Rarely do they take the road less traveled--the untrodden path. Too bad. You don't know what's down that road until you journey on it.

My ministry at Calvin Church will be different than the previous pastor's. I have different skills and interests. Interim ministry is focused on helping a congregation "see" itself anew and "see" where God is leading it in this season of transition. Through studies, meetings, data collection and discernment, I hope to assist this church see with new eyes and claim the path perceived until they find the pastor God is calling to be their next spiritual guide.



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