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Beth Moore Group

The Beth Moore Group will start on January 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Calvin Conference Room. They will be studying The Master Storyteller by Beth Moore, which explores some of the parables of Jesus and how we, who come into relationship with Him, are swept into His glorious, eternal story as He is made the center of ours.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend a Beth Moore study, please join us for an inspiring, thought provoking and interactive Bible study time. Past participants are awed at the end of each session how Beth Moore intertwines the Old and New Testament and presents the material with a new understanding!

The study requires a Member Workbook Guide which involves individual lesson work. This work is not required, but greatly enhances your experience and highly recommended. the deadline to order the workbook is December 31st. The cost of the workbook is $7.00. If you would like to attend or for more information, please contact Donna Galbraith at 724-766-7732 (home) or 412-585-2780 (cell) or email:

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