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October 17 — Rev. Poget and the Turks

October 24 Spiritual Guidance of Fasting, an Inward Practice

On October, 17th, Kim Boyd will share a pre-recorded message from one of those International Peacemakers, the Rev. Helivao Poget. She is a citizen of Madagascar and an ordained minister in the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar.

Eleven international peacemakers from around the world are visiting congregations, presbyteries and colleges of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Sept. 27th — Oct. 21st.

They are sharing their stories about church-based ministries in their countries that seek peace justice and pursue peace in the name of Jesus Christ. This year’s international peacemakers come from Bolivia, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Jamaica, Madagascar, Niger, Northern Ireland, South Sudan and Syria.

The International Peacemaker program is sponsored by the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.

Since her ordination in 1989, the Rev. Helivao Poget has ministered to the marginalized people of Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, through her street ministry. Poget works with church organizations to peacefully resolve the political crisis that began in Madagascar in March of 2009.

Mission coworkers Dan and Elizabeth Turk (PCUSA) partner with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar in the area of agriculture and public health.

Please join us to learn more about the International Peacemaker program and to hear from Rev. Poget and the Turks.