Dear Calvin and friends,


We pray all is well with you and your loved ones. The Calvin Coronavirus Task Force has made the below recommendation, which Session has unanimously approved. I can not say enough about how deeply I’m moved by their prayerful perseverance in such a difficult time as this! They have affirmed our belief that while this will challenge us, if we keep our focus with Christ, it will ultimately deepen, strengthen and fortify the incessantly inspired, universally unique, divinely different thing we love and call Calvin!


Calvin’s doors will be closed from March 15-29. We will continue the ministry to which we’re called to the best of our ability, it will just be remotely.


  1. Worship is to be moved online.

    • We encourage you to worship together as a family, light a Christ candle, sing the hymns and pray the prayers as if you were in the sanctuary worshipping with God as your audience.

    • We encourage you to share on Facebook that you are worshipping online, what moved you in worship, and how God, yet again, worked something bad into something good.

    • Please contact the office if you’re not online and we will mail you bulletins, sermons, etc.

  2. Staff, Committees, Small Groups, Outside Groups, etc. to communicate electronically, hold meetings via SKYPE, FaceTime, Zoom, etc., and work from home. If it is absolutely necessary to meet in person please practice social distancing, the best hygiene and common-sense protective measures.

  3. We encourage you to prayerfully search for how God is using this time to sharpen your saw, to focus your faith, to be a light that shines in the darkness. Some examples include:

    • Worshipping, doing devotionals, etc., with your loved ones

    • Cooking a double portion and leaving it on a doorstep, helping someone who can’t work from home by buying a gift card, giving a gift card, sharing your blessings….

    • Going for a walk or a hike, reading, singing, laughing, playing, creating…

    • Sharing on Facebook and social media your own ideas and why you are so certain that God will work every detail in our lives into something good, even coronavirus

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