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Calvin Presbyterian Church is a different kind of church. In an age when churches and traditions are competing with each other over who is "more right," our focus is on how we connect with God in an authentic way. We take spirituality and prayer seriously, and it’s our foundation.  We reach out to people who say they are “spiritual but not religious” by being a church that is both spiritual AND religious.  As a result, we’ve gained significant local and national attention.


So,… what do we believe? Telling you what we believe may help if you are looking for a church that only believes what you already believe. We think it’s more important to tell you WHY we believe:


  • We believe in God because we have experienced God in our lives. We are a community of people who've experienced God’s presence and love throughout our lives, and especially in our struggles. As a result, we’ve formed a deep a relationship with God...

    • as Father and Creator, each time we look at the world around us. We see the world as brimming with God’s presence. We see the Creator’s hand in nature, in the order of the world, and in the fact that we exist.

    • as Jesus Christ every time we look at the people around us. We see the face of Christ in each other, and in you. We experience Christ’s presence in the church. We experience Christ in Scripture.

    • as Holy Spirit all the time. We are a church of real people who have struggled through real difficulties, and we’ve experienced the Holy Spirit leading us through them, and blessing us even as we've grappled with doubt and uncertainty.


  • We are committed to being a church together because we’ve learned that we can’t just seek God on our own. We need companions who will help us as we struggle and seek. So we pray, worship, serve, and live lives of faith with each other. We've gone through hard times, and in the depths of our difficulties we have found God many, many times in our midst.


  • We are grounded in a basic question that Jesus asked continually:  “God, what are you calling me to do?”  We encourage people to seek God’s guiding voice throughout their lives because we believe God is everywhere, speaking and listening to us. 


We offer an open and non-judgmental haven where people can come together and share in their spiritual journey. As a result, we attract a lot of people who have felt neglected, judged, or hurt by other churches.


Those who have joined Calvin Church over the years have tried to describe their experiences and why they joined.  Here are some of their comments:

  • “Many churches tell you what to think.  Calvin Church encourages you to think.”

  • “Calvin Church is the salsa of the earth.  It adds flavor to faith.”

  • “Calvin Church is not for everyone,… but it is for those who want to grow.”


We have developed a vibrant community of active and involved members who engage in spiritual pursuits through a number of Calvin’s ministries. 


If you would still like more information about our denomination and tradition, the Presbyterian Church (USA), visit http://www.pcusa.org


Please consider joining us for worship or becoming involved in one of our ministries. You are always welcome.



Calvin Presbyterian Church

415 East Grandview Ave.
Zelienople PA 16063



Church Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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