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Spiritual Growth

All of us are on a faith journey whether or not we know it. Every day is a chance to learn and grow in faith.

Calvin Presbyterian Church realizes that not everyone is the same place on this journey, nor do all of us grow in the same way, and so we have created a program that offers a wide variety of topics.

We offer a lot of opportunities for spiritual growth.  It begins with our worship services, which are designed to help people grow spiritually.  The opportunities include using the church’s labyrinth.  It also includes the many small groups that the church offers.

Whether you are seeking an in-depth study of the Bible, a delve into the writings of the Christian mystics, or a practical study of how we can apply Christian faith to our everyday busy lives, Calvin has a place for you. Our groups, like our congregation, welcome new members and new perspectives.

To learn more about the small groups we offer, click here.

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