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Rev. Dr. N. Graham Standish- Senior Pastor

150826_Standish_0102WEB (1)Graham Standish has been pastor of Calvin Presbyterian Church since 1996. He has led Calvin Church to become a church community that is trying to be intentionally open to God’s guidance through prayer and spirituality in all things.

In addition to being pastor of Calvin Church, he is an internationally-known speaker on spirituality, prayer, and transforming churches to become more deeply spiritual. He has written six books, and has contributed to a number of others.  His latest book, Ministry Proverbsoffers guidance to pastors and churches that are seeking a more spiritual way of doing church.

His books are Ministry Proverbs, In God’s Presence, Humble Leadership, Becoming a Blessed Church, Discovering the Narrow Path, Paradoxes for Living, and Forming Faith in a Hurricane.

Dr. Standish is a teacher, retreat leader, spiritual director, and has a background in individual, marital, and family therapy. He has a Ph.D. in formative spirituality from Duquesne University, a Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Master of Divinity from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He is also husband of Diane, the father of Erin and Shea, twin girls, and of Hobbes, the trusty Bichon Frise.

Phone: 724-452-7560 x12
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 Rev. Connie Frierson- Associate Pastor (Pastoral Care and Adult Formation)

FRIERSON, ConnieConnie Frierson is the Associate Pastor of Program. She is involved in Worship, Children’s Christian Education, Adult Education and Small groups. Connie graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in the Masters of Divinity Program and was ordained in 2011.

Prior to studying for this second career of ministry, Connie was an attorney in Las Vegas, NV, and Columbus, OH. She has a Juris Doctor degree from Duquesne University and a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She was married to Allen Frierson, but is now widowed. Connie lives with her two sons, Nate and March on the family farm with four hopeful but outdoor cats and a collie, named Major.

Phone: 724-452-7560 x 19

Email: Connie Frierson

SEBRING, MARK; (Staff)70Kim Sebring ~ Youth Formation Director

Kim has been our Youth Formation Director since summer of 2014. This is a new position dedicated to nurture and grow children so that they can have a strong faith foundation for life.

Kim grew up as part of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in DuBois, Pennsylvania and was influenced greatly by those who nurtured her within the church. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and practiced as an RN before she and her husband Mark had their first child. Kim founded Project Hope of Zelienople and served as its President from 2004 – 2014. She worked alongside many dedicated members of the community to help families of hospitalized children meet their basic needs. Kim has served in as a Vacation Bible School Director and Sunday School teacher at Calvin. In addition, she has sponsored and mentored young adults during confirmation and Senior Projects. She resides in Zelienople with her husband and three children.

Email: Kim Sebring

SMITH, BRUCE; (Staff)77

Bruce Smith- Director of Music / Youth Director
Bruce Smith has been the Director of Music at Calvin Church since 1982. During this time the program has grown to include musical theater, and special artist concerts and events. Bruce is a professional pianist who also directs and performs with other musical groups for a variety of events, specializing in musical theater conducting.

Bruce has been the Youth Director at Calvin Church since 1994. During this time the Calvin Youth Group (CYG) has become active in both regional and national youth events, summer mission trips, and local Presbytery and interdenominational events. The program now includes three distinct age-based groups, covering youth from grades 3 to 12. In addition to his full-time role on the Calvin Church ministry team, he is also a Calvin member and ordained elder.

Phone: 724-452-7560 x 14
Email: Bruce Smith


Toni Schlemmer- Fine Arts Director / Director of Communications

Toni came to Calvin in 1986 (at Bruce’s request – they’ve been friends since the seventh grade!) as the Associate Director of Music – conducting the Youth Choir and serving as organist, and conducting the choir. The Drama ministry at Calvin was born in the late 1980’s when the church performed an original Passion Play. As the program grew, the church created the position of Director of Drama and Toni has been functioning in that role since 1996. She is also has been an elder at Calvin Church.

In addition to directing and performing in the musical productions at Calvin Church, Toni has performed in many regional and community theatres. She has also performed professionally with the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, Pittsburgh Playhouse, Pittsburgh Musical Theatre, and Brockett Productions.Toni is a graduate of Riverside High School, and holds a B.A. in Music Ed. from Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, West Virginia. She has held teaching positions in Randolph County, WV and Beaver County, PA.

Toni and her husband, Brendon Wahlberg along with their dogs Scooter and Abby all reside in Bellevue.

Phone: 724-452-7560 x 11
Email: Toni Schlemmer

SHEPLER, Michelle

Michelle Shepler- Church Staff Secretary
Michelle Shepler has served as the Staff Secretary of Calvin Presbyterian Church since 1997 and loves her work. She grew up in Connellsville, Pennsylvania as a member of the Disciples of Christ Church. She is married to David and has a son named John and a daughter Krista.

Phone: 724-452-7560 x 10

Email: Michelle Shepler


Karen Frank- Treasurer

Phone: 724-452-7560 x 15
Email: Karen Frank


DeWayne Segafredo- Technical Director/Accompanist

Phone: 724-779-3945
Email: DeWayne Segafredo

Tom Reiber- Worship Video Coordinator

Email: Tom Reiber

Scott Caputy- Worship Sound Coordinator

Email:Scott Caputy

Greg Zimmerman- Custodian

Email: Greg Zimmerman

Sheldon Weiher- Custodian

Volunteer Staff

Kay Tilton ~ Bulletin & Newsletter Editor

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