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Calvin’s Logo

This is a logo four years in the making and is filled with symbolism about Calvin Church.   The symbol is a blue ancient celtic trinity knot integrated into a stylized green labyrinth.

The trinity knot stands both for our Scottish background and for the fact that we are trying to be deeply trinitarian (as opposed to many other Christian churches that tend to focus on one person of the trinity over the others–traditional mainline tend to focus most on the Father, Evangelicals focus on Jesus, Pentecostals focus on the Holy Spirit).  We are trying to be open to living according to the purposes God the Father created us for, the call of God in Christ for us, and by the power of God the Holy Spirit.

The labyrinth symbolizes our emphasis on prayer, as well as the fact that on our spiritual and life journies we are all pilgrims seeking the holy.  It reflects the prayer labyrinth Calvin Church built on its property in 1998.  Our symbol has a contemporary style, which emphasizes that we are willing to take ancient traditions and make them relevant for today.  The blue of the Trinity knot stands for both heaven and the sky, which is our recognition of the importance of the spiritual, and the green of the labyrinth stands for the fact that we also live in the real world and seek to integrate the spiritual into the practical.

The tag line tries to communicate that we are trying to live according to a strong faith in which we seek to do God’s will in confidence; that we try to have compassion for all people; and that we try to hold an authenticity that overcomes the falseness of much of the secular world, and the trendiness of much of the Christian world.

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